Sunday, May 6, 2012


Every year, schools all across America hold fundraisers.  Their students are asked to go out and sell their friends and families trinkets or food or miscellaneous items for which they probably have no use, all in the hopes of raising the much needed funds that schools today need!  This year, the 8th graders were asked to help think of a fundraiser that would not only raise funds but also not require overdue time and commitment from the parents who would be asked to actually drive the fundraiser.  So Mason and some of his friends came up with a "Quattro de Mayo" celebrations.  The fundraiser would be in two parts:  first a walk-a-thon, then a school carnival after.  They utilized that park directly next to the school for the walk-a-thon, and the school grounds for the carnival, where local businesses sold their goods.  It was a HUGE success - and raised quite a bit of money - for little money to make the event possible!  I joined the boys for the walk-a-thon portion with Arie in the stroller.  It was a lot of fun, and LOTS  of kids with their parents participated!  We walked for two hours total - each time the kids passed the checkpoint, they would add a bead to the string they were given at the beginning of the event.  That helped them keep track of the laps they did!  Arie and I (because we arrived late) completed 14 laps together.  Mason and his friends completed 21 laps and Zach and his friends completed 26 laps.  It was a lot of fun!  I was super proud of Mason for working so hard on this event, and making it a reality.  Of course he had lots of help too!

Mom and Mason - Mason complete with Chevy's sombrero!

Zach and his friend, Mateo, making their way to the checkpoint.

Arie had lots of people that wanted to push her around the track - including Sugar Mama - aka, Auntie Paula!

 The Gonzalez kids were there with Sugar Mama - this is Celia who even ran every other lap!

And here is Olivia at the checkpoint, adding another bead to her string!

Here's Arie showing off the beads that she and I have earned!  They also had plenty of water and sliced apples for the walkers.  Arie found the apples after about the 5th lap!  From there on out, we had to get 2 apple slices, along with our bead!  Needless to say, between the apples and water - she had TONS of energy at the end of the walk-a-thon!  It was a great day and a great event!

Young Authors Night

At the Charter School, where the boys attend, they celebrate Young Authors by inviting the families to sit and listen to several authors read their published stories.  Zach had come straight from baseball practice to read his story "Don't Capture Us" to his audience.  They write and illustrate the stories themselves, complete with a title page and an "About the Author" page.  These books are then submitted to the county fair each year.  Last year, Zach won a second place ribbon at the fair for his story.

It's fun for the parents to hear the different stories - but it's hard for younger siblings to just sit and listen to each story as it's being read.  Thank heavens for cell phones!  Between Angry Birds, Cookie Doodle and Temple Run, Arie did quite well!  She also found the camera phone and chronicled her time as well!

Mason is an 8th grader this year. He didn't have to write a story.  Instead, he picked several written pieces from the year and put them in a portfolio.  He had poems and short stories.  But the biggest project he did was a written piece describing the fact and fictional pieces of Jurassic Park, the movie.  It was about 20 pages long - no small feat!  And it was quite an interesting read!  Mason knows his dinos!

River Dogs

Zach is playing baseball this year!  He LOVES playing baseball and for the past 3 years his coach has asked Zach to play on his team!  Last year he was a River Dog, and this year he is a River Dog again.  He has a great coach, Coach Ken, who really encourages not only fundamentals but also having fun!  Zach mostly plays 1st and third bases, as well as short.  He does come in to catch for his friend who pitches occasionally as they work well together.  Baseball takes up a lot of time, but Zachary is quite the talented ball-man!

 Here is #9 playing first base.

 Up to bat - he really hit the ball well - made it to the outfield .  However, this particular team was well-coached, so Zach only hit a single.

Looking to steal second!

On second, and then stealing third!  Way to go Zach!

That's Zach's coach in the foreground - Coach Ken.  I know it 's a terrible picture because I was using my phone, but that's Zach crossing home and scoring for his team!  Go dogs, Go!

Arie starts Preschool

As most of you know, I own my own preschool with my sister-in-law, Paula.  It's called Krey Academy Preschool.  We lease a classroom from a local elementary school and hold preschool Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-1:00pm.  With Aaron now working a day shift in the GI lab, Arie has had to start preschool a little earlier than originally planned.  But I have to admit, it's fun to have her at school with me now!  This is her first official day of Preschool.

 When she comes in, she has to hang up her coat on the hook.

 Then she has to check herself in.  Each child has their own star with their name on it.  Arie is looking for her name.

 Here she found it!  And it's even pink!  How did those amazing teachers know that? :)

 Then she has to put her star up on the board, until it is time to go home.

 Here she is with Miss Paula.  Yep, she's ready to begin!
She even got to paint for the first time!  She's painting a red, ripe strawberry!  Having never painted before, she LOVED this job!  However, she wasn't quite tall enough to make the red paint reach all the way to the top of the strawberry!!

I can't believe my little baby girl is starting preschool already!  I feel really blessed that I get to take her to work with me, and that we will get to enjoy these next couple years before kindergarten together.  Watching your children grow up is bittersweet - I love watching them learn and grow.  But I hate knowing that each step they take in growing up is a bitty step away from me!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring in February

Like most of the country, we have been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. While it's great now, we are bit apprehensive for the summer. For now, however, we are taking advantage of it! Yesterday was no exception! When I got home from work, the weather said 80, so we packed up and did some hiking around Black Diamond Mines. The weather was perfect! And we hiked around until dark. We did some geocaching as well as exploring. And while we brought the stroller for Arie, she was happiest to be walking around with her brothers!

Sorry so blurry - not sure why, but it's the only family shot I took! Oh well! Photog I am not!

School Celebration

Mason and Zach both attend the Antioch Charter Academy. We moved Mason to this school when he was in second grade, and it was one of the best moves we've ever made. The Charter School is a Montessori-based program as well as multi-aged program. It's a K-8 school so this means it is Mason's last year. The school just went through a major accreditation and held a "celebration", which they opened to the community to showcase some of the amazing things the school does. They really relied upon their students to showcase all programs the school has to offer. Mason did a power point presentation in which he shared what 8th grade is all about at this school. He was very impressive - even some high school teachers were impressed not only with his manner of speaking and ability to stay calm in front of adults, but also in his power point presentation skills (they use power point quite a bit in both 7th & 8th grades). I was very proud of Mason!

Zachary is a third grader - and usually the school only allows 4th graders and up to play an instrument. However, Zach and 2 of his friends are at the top of their class and doing so well that they were given special permission to play in beginning band. Zachary chose to play the trumpet - just like Dad! It was fun to listen to the beginning band perform, but especially to watch Zachary play. By the end of the day, however, he did comment that his lips were a bit sore! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Park City

During our trip to Utah, we spent a day at Park City. Park City is such a beautiful place - we fell in love! We rode the Alpine Slide - I had always heard of this, but had never been nor tried. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day - perfect for being outside. The fall colors were just beginning to turn the leaves of the trees!

Getting directions from the lift operator.

Mason and Zach on the lift.

These are the carts that we ride down the track. You control how fast or slow the carts go. Aaron and Zach, of course, tried to get "air" on the way down. Mason and Arie and I were more content to take our time and take in the scenery.

Arie and mom at the end of the ride.

Mason coming down.

Zach trying hard to stop in time - he really likes to push the limit :)

Aaron finishing up his ride.

Next we visited the Olympic Park where they held the ski jump and downhill. We were lucky to watch some Olympians in training as they did their ariel jumps into a huge pool!

Team Krey - bobsled for the USA!

Later we ventured downtown and walked the streets until we found this amazing restaurant - Red Rocks Pub & Brewery. Some of the yummiest food we've had!

Park City was so much fun! When I lived in Utah, I never really ventured to Park City. Now that we've been, we look forward to going back!